Di and Dolly Go To Heaven

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Princess Diana and Dolly Parton had both died on the same night. When they reached the gates of Heaven they were greeted by St. Peter.St. Peter said “Excuse me ladies, but before I let you in… I must know what you were doing when you died… you see Heaven has become AWFULLY crowded…it’s our new policy!” He smiled.”Well…if you must know…I was standing in front of the mirror examining my boobs…” Dolly Parton said.”And I was going to the bathroom!” Princess Diana said.”You may enter into Heaven…” St. Peter held the gate open for Princess Diana to pass through.”WAIT A MINUTE! How come she gets to go and not me?!” Dolly Parton asked.”Why…don’t you know…a royal flush beats 2 of a kind!” St. Peter exclaimed.

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